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It’s said that the truly elite don’t have one home, because one location can never contain all the glory of the world. For example, there’s ADE. The whole world flocks to Amsterdam for a few days to party and pretend it’s work. Then there’s Ultra Music Festival. The whole world flies to Miami to party and pretend it’s work. Then, of course, there’s the IMS in Ibiza. The whole world flies there for a few days to party and pretend it’s work. Then come the Grammy’s, and so on, and so forth. Are you getting the picture now? To live in any one of these places would only be a small fraction of the baller lifestyle. The party arrives, then it’s gone. Here today, gone tomorrow. The first step is, can you recognize when it’s gone? The second step is, can you always move with it? Ibiza is a great place to be for a few magical months per year, and that’s why we always only come back in the summer.

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